We are open to success!

We are proud to announce that our „Nyissatok és nyerjetek!” campaign for Soproni won 2nd place at the 2024 Promotion of the Year Awards! 🏆

Our new lucky number is Nr. 4

On 21 February, PPH Media, the publisher of the best-known professional magazine, and MAKSZ, the association of more than 50 domestic agencies, published their joint list for 2023, in which…

International PR shortlists of ACG

The international success of Greentunes (EON – Green Tunes Clio Music Award) has started to march in the national professional competitions, as have our two campaigns developed for Vodafone, Let…

A brand new Events Division at ACG

ACG grew by own events division. The brand new team started with three highly skilled specialists. They began operating during Covid by organising online press conferences and webinars, but by…

ACG triumphs at the Effie

ACG was a hit at this year’s Effie! After 2021, in 2022 we won the Platinum Award and the Agency of the Year Title at the national competition of the…

HEPA támogatást nyert az ACG // ACG wins HEPA support

HUN: Az ACG Reklámügynökség, mint a régió meghatározó független, 100%- magyar tulajdonban lévő reklámügynöksége közel 50 millió Ft-os támogatást kapott a HEPA Magyar Exportfejlesztési Ügynökség Nonprofit Zrt-től külföldi terjeszkedési terveihez….

Nissan Navara Moves Mountains

To prove that Nissan Navara is a tough and durable pick-up, we made it facereally tough challenge. Hungary’s highest peak is the 1014-meter Kékes.Before Hungary adopted a new height calculation…

Agency Gaming Cup

Agency Gaming Cup – with METABRO, we’ve united the gamers of the Hungarian communication industry As we’ve finished the first phase of our collaboration with METABRO, we celebrated the productive…

László Nagy in the Hipnózis jury

We are proudly announcing that our creative director, László Nagy, has been elected to the international jury of Hipnózis Advertising Festival as MAKSZ (Association of Hungarian Communication Agencies)’s candidate.

ACG at the Effie Awards Gala

We have a reason to celebrate again! At this year’s Effie Awards Gala, we added five Effies to our award collection, including one Gold (Decathlon “sportoljma” campaign), two Silver (Decathlon…

ACG joins thenetworkone

We’re proud to announce that ACG has become a member of thenetworkone – the world’s leading independent agency network for marketing and communications agencies. Paul Squirrell, Director of thenetworkone visited…

First anniversary in new office

Last week, we celebrated our 1st anniversary in our new office. We have felt comfortably at home here since the very beginning. The first year was a thrilling period and…


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