We launched the exciting adventures of Mimi and Martin Marsi with STADA’s Martians brand at the beginning of October. The episodes of Fabulous Space Adventure were posted twice a week on the Martians Facebook page. The stories have been hugely popular from the start, as shown by the fact that the 18 chapters have reached nearly 500,000 people, generating over 45,000 interactions! At the end of the episodes, readers were engaged and given two options to choose how the story should continue, and our followers were also able to participate in ongoing prize draws.

We also wanted to give the enthusiastic community that followed us the gift of an audiobook, which can be listened to at https://www.marslakocskak.hu/meses-urkaland.

Content creators such as Zita Annoni, Dr. Ágnes Dobó, Réka Farkasházi, Edina Balogh and Ada Pintér joined our campaign to promote the audiobook.

We are confident that it will bring as much joy to families as we have enjoyed creating it.