On 21 February, PPH Media, the publisher of the best-known professional magazine, and MAKSZ, the association of more than 50 domestic agencies, published their joint list for 2023, in which ACG Agency was ranked fourth in three categories, based on its national and international competitive rankings:

Top 10 Advertising Agencies: 4th place (ACG)

Top 10 PR Agencies: 4th place (ACG Pro)

Top 10 Campain: 4th place (Vodafone – Theater for everyone)

This result is remarkable in more ways than one. Although we have had better rankings in some categories in the past, and have been in lead position, we have never had such a balanced set of integrated indicators. It is particularly pleasing that the majority of our 2023 awards were won by a campaign that was implemented following a proactive proposal from our agency, in partnership with our PR, ATL and SM division.