The war in Ukraine has forced many people to leave their homes. But they are not alone in their struggle: Hungarian Interchurch Aid immediately came to the aid of refugees on both sides of the border. And we were not idle either: in just a few days, the Help Without Borders campaign was born to support the nationwide fundraising campaign of the aid organization.

We developed a key visual, social media posts and print ads for the platform. We recorded a radio spot encouraging donations, in which we ask for financial support from listeners in the voice of Eszter Kardos. In addition, a TV spot was produced, while our banner campaign is running on, DunaHouse, TV2, FemCafé and HVG. We also designed a HelloPay donation platform as a unique appearance, which will be displayed in Westend and Vivicitta.

Let’s help together the refugees of the war!

A call or an SMS to 1353 donate 250 HUF or you can even help with a credit card at

Even the smallest amount is a help without borders!