április 22, 2024

We are open to success!

We are proud to announce that our "Nyissatok és nyerjetek!" campaign for Soproni won 2nd place at the 2024 Promotion of the Year Awards! 🏆

április 15, 2024

ACG is excited to share that László Nagy, our experienced creative director has been chosen to be a part of the jury at the well-known Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity.

The Festival is celebrated for fostering excellence and innovation across the global creative landscape. It provides a platform for professionals and agencies to showcase their best work. This selection not only highlights Laszló’s exceptional expertise but also underscores ACG's commitment to creative excellence.

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, László shared, "Being chosen as a member of the One-Channel Jury for the Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity is a great honor. I am immensely grateful to the Golden Drum team for recognizing my efforts and to my colleagues at ACG, whose support and collaboration have been instrumental in achieving this milestone."

ACG Agency takes great pride in this  recognition and extends our congratulations to our esteemed colleague. We are confident that his participation in the One-Channel Jury will not only bring valuable insights to the festival but will also serve as an inspiration to creative professionals working at or working with our agency.

április 10, 2024

Don’t 4get, that we have won Samsung’s social media tender 4 the 4th time

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. For ACG Agency, this is not just a guiding principle but a proven track record of success. We are thrilled to announce that ACG Agency has clinched Samsung Hungary's social media tender for the fourth consecutive year in 2024. This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in creative solutions.

Our winning streak with Samsung is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in us by one of the world's leading technology giants. At the heart of our success lies our dedicated team of creative minds and strategic thinkers. Led by our visionary management team, the individuals at ACG Agency work tirelessly to conceptualize and execute innovative campaigns that resonate with audiences across various platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we harness the power of social media to amplify Samsung's brand presence on a deeper level.

Here's to another year of success, collaboration, and making waves in the world of social media marketing. With ACG Agency and Samsung leading the way, the future is looking pretty awesome.

március 21, 2024

ACG Wins Starbucks Hungary’s Social Media Tender

In a game-changing move for social media, ACG Agency has secured the highly coveted Starbucks social media tender. This triumph marks a significant milestone for ACG, propelling us into the limelight of the industry's elite. At ACG we are keen to consistently demonstrate prowess in crafting engaging narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. With Starbucks' global presence and iconic status, this partnership promises to deliver groundbreaking campaigns that redefine the boundaries of social media marketing. As ACG takes the helm of Starbucks' social media narrative, the stage is set for an exhilarating journey of creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled success. Stay tuned as ACG and Starbucks set the digital sphere ablaze with their visionary campaigns.

február 28, 2024

Our new lucky number is Nr. 4

On 21 February, PPH Media, the publisher of the best-known professional magazine, and MAKSZ, the association of more than 50 domestic agencies, published their joint list for 2023, in which ACG Agency was ranked fourth in three categories, based on its national and international competitive rankings:

Top 10 Advertising Agencies: 4th place (ACG)

Top 10 PR Agencies: 4th place (ACG Pro)

Top 10 Campain: 4th place (Vodafone – Theater for everyone)

This result is remarkable in more ways than one. Although we have had better rankings in some categories in the past, and have been in lead position, we have never had such a balanced set of integrated indicators. It is particularly pleasing that the majority of our 2023 awards were won by a campaign that was implemented following a proactive proposal from our agency, in partnership with our PR, ATL and SM division.

február 8, 2024

ACG won two awards at the Website of the Year competition

After being awarded in 2019, 2020, and 2022, the ACG team was once again recognized at the Website of the Year Awards in 2023!

In the E-commerce category, coloron.eu for providing eyeglass lenses for individuals with color blindness in multiple countries and in the Tourism category, veszpzoo.hu, the website of the Veszprém Zoo were honored with the Website of the Year award.

We are delighted that our high-quality work contributes to making the Hungarian internet a slightly better place, and we hope that our partners take pride in having their websites judged as the best in their respective categories by the professional jury.

december 15, 2023

Stories for children’s healthy physical and mental development!

We launched the exciting adventures of Mimi and Martin Marsi with STADA’s Martians brand at the beginning of October. The episodes of Fabulous Space Adventure were posted twice a week on the Martians Facebook page. The stories have been hugely popular from the start, as shown by the fact that the 18 chapters have reached nearly 500,000 people, generating over 45,000 interactions! At the end of the episodes, readers were engaged and given two options to choose how the story should continue, and our followers were also able to participate in ongoing prize draws.

We also wanted to give the enthusiastic community that followed us the gift of an audiobook, which can be listened to at https://www.marslakocskak.hu/meses-urkaland.

Content creators such as Zita Annoni, Dr. Ágnes Dobó, Réka Farkasházi, Edina Balogh and Ada Pintér joined our campaign to promote the audiobook.

We are confident that it will bring as much joy to families as we have enjoyed creating it.

december 14, 2023

Nikolett Blasko has been re-elected as the President of MAKSZ

The Association of Hungarian Communication Agencies (MAKSZ), one of the most important Hungarian organisations of the marketer profession, held a renewal general assembly.

The assembled agency leaders unanimously re-elected former president Nikolett Blaskó, under whose presidency the association has completed one of its strongest periods, and also re-elected vice-presidents Lászó Mező and Gábor Varga. Bori Bende is stepping down after 15 years, with Diána Csizmadia taking over as Secretary General.

november 28, 2023

Our work is the best non profit campaign on ICCO worldvide!

Great ACG success at the ICCO Global Awards!

Our Bright Sky campaign for the Vodafone Hungary Foundation has won the award for Best Non-Profit Work at the ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) Global Awards 2023.

We are particularly pleased to have been awarded this prize by a jury of the most important international PR and communications experts in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world!

Many thanks for the trust and support of the Vodafone Foundation!

november 8, 2023

International PR shortlists of ACG

The international success of Greentunes (EON - Green Tunes Clio Music Award) has started to march in the national professional competitions, as have our two campaigns developed for Vodafone, Let the Theatre be for Everyone and the Bright Sky app. Following the success of PREXA, both entries were shortlisted at ICCO Global, one of the most prestigious competitions in the PR profession. Categories: Best Non-Profit Campaign, Best Purpose Driven Campaign (Bight Sky), Best Event, Launch or Stunt Campaign (Lett he Theatre…).

We are excited!