Soproni - Töltsük együtt!

Spend together Soproni is Hungarians most loved beer. Its mission to bring Hungarians together So we showed in our campaign that Soproni always tastes better with company. We know that sometimes it's hard to get out, but once we do, the most unexpected and wonderful things can happen to us - even in the course of an evening. If we let the experience in, it's safe to say that we Hungarians love to get together and our Sopron tastes at its best together. What we share - campaign We, Hungarians are divided in all issues. In 2016, Soproni, Hungarians' favorite beer brand, decided to demonstrate that it is not the differences that are important, but rather the things we have in common. Through our creative platform, we playfully illustrated the characteristics that define us as Hungarians, using self-irony.Let's spend together!

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