Hungarian Interchurch Aid – Who does better?

The start of the new school year can cause severe financial difficulties for families living in poverty. This year, Hungarian Interchurch Aid organised its “Iskolakezdés együtt” (Back to School Together) campaign for the 9th time to collect donations and help children in destitution with school supplies. To boost the donations, we created an online film. We invited our favourite alumni (Zséda & Kati Wolf ; Dávid Marschalkó & Márk Járai (Halott Pénz); Benedek Nagy (Benipowa) & Dávid Tóth) to take part in a competition: we asked them to go back to school and accomplish a couple of simple elementary school tasks to see who does better. The tasks were the same, but the equipment they could use was different. It made it clear what a difference the available tools can make in children’s school performance. At the end of the campaign, the donations exceeded tour wildest dreams: Hungarian Interchurch Aid managed to collect more than 20 million HUF and could help out two thousand kids with two thousand school supply packages.

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