Budapest 12th District - Zebrafest

Background: 2009 more pedestrians were injured and even killed in the 12th district, Budapest. Campaigns objective: to change the attitude of the drivers.

The idea: the meaning of pedestrian cross in Hungarian = zebra, like the stripy animal. ZEBRAFEST was huge exhibition with life-alike zebras, painted by the district school’s students and placed next to the pedestrian crosses. Anyone could vote offline and online on its favourite zebra. Because of the small budget we could only use those media tools that local media owners offered gratis. An important aspect was that we had to communicate to the drivers and let them meet with the message as often as possible. So we used posters on autobuses and trams, that go among the cars, and other outdoor tools like posters at zebras, and public offices, parking meter posters, citylights next to roads. To reach the local people we also used several guerrilla and ambient media tools. During campaign everybody who had administration in connection with a motor vehicle in any offices in the district got a car flavour with our message on it. During nights we placed balloons on rear-view mirrors of cars and to every exhibited zebra we placed slowing boards with “slow down and you can see it” signs.

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