Soproni Full of Optimism

Soproni is Hungary's biggest and most popular beer brand. Its mission is to lead the way and guide towards a more positive Hungary, so we encourage everyone to begin to think and act more positively.
The major boundary is that even if the Hungarians would like to live a better life, but they are waiting for a solution from someone else. They do not realize that the change should start with them. The very first step would be a progress into a more positive thinking and a change of attitude.
Our campaign focused on these changes, and dramatized the power of optimistic attitude, that can create a positive future. Our ad demonstrates the change in the attitude of our main character. He is on his way from a place ( pessimism ) to a new destination ( optimism ). The print materials of the campaign are focusing attention on the fact, that it is up to us how we see the world.

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